How to Find the Right Pediatrician for My Child?

How to Find the Right Pediatrician for My Child?

Selecting the perfect pediatrician for your kids is not an easy feat. After all, your pediatrician will be the main person helping you and your kids through nasty illnesses, vaccinations, well-child checkups, and more.

Here at Longwood Pediatrics in Lake Mary, FL, you can count on our pediatricians, Dr. Jag Ambwani and Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, for a host of pediatric services. If you have yet to choose a pediatrician for your children or are thinking of switching pediatricians, here are some no-nonsense tips to help you with your search.

Gather References

Everyone will have different criteria when it comes to selecting a pediatrician. This means that you must gather at least five references from family and friends. You can likewise check out the pediatrician's website for testimonials and reviews. Additionally, get in touch with hospitals that are affiliated with your shortlist of candidates. You’ll want a hospital that’s reputable and convenient.

Visit The Pediatrician’s Office

Check out the office of the pediatrician. Considering how regularly you may have to visit, you may opt for one that’s fairly near your house. While inside and waiting for your time, examine how the office operates. Chat with the other parents to see what they have to say about the pediatrician. Scout the waiting areas as well to check out if they’re conducive to possibly long wait times. Also, see how the staff treats patients.

Evaluate Whether The Pediatrician Meets Your Other Requirements

Some of your personal requirements might seem superficial to some people but they could significantly impact your rapport. For example, some individuals prefer younger pediatricians, while others may prefer the grandmother or grandmother-type. Above all else, however, the most vital thing is to see how well you and your pediatrician in Lake Mary, FL, click.

Set an Appointment and Prepare Your Questions

Once you’ve whittled down your shortlist of candidates, schedule appointments for your top choices. Make sure to come in with a list of things you should ask to help you come up with a decision. For instance, ask about the pediatrician’s availability, what happens if he or she isn’t available, and what’s the protocol for emergencies. Remember, you are entrusting your child’s health to this pediatrician, and you must discuss vital things that you want to know to ensure your peace of mind.

For Any Questions, Advice, or Concerns About Keeping Your Child Healthy, Speak to Us

Call (407) 644-9970 to arrange a meeting with one of our pediatricians Dr. Jag Ambwani or Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, here at Longwood Pediatrics in Lake Mary, FL.

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