Nutritional Counseling

At Longwood Pediatrics we provide nutritional counseling to both parents and children because we believe the most powerful medicine you have is at the end of your fork! We give parents the guidance they seek by helping with:

  •  Special nutritional needs such as Celiac disease and diabetes
  •  Childhood obesity
  •  Food sensitivities that may contribute to medical conditions such as allergy, asthma, eczema and autoimmune illness
  •  Your family’s eating habits

We want our patients to thrive and a fundamental component of optimal health is determined by what we eat.

Supporting Good Nutritional Habits

We believe that good eating habits start early in a child’s life, perhaps even before he/she is born! This is why we want to guide you in all the ways you can nurture a robust and healthy eater from the get-go. As part of our wellness plans we teach you about:

  •  How and when to begin feeding your baby
  •  The power you have as a parent to influence your child’s taste preferences
  •  Recipes to delight the whole family
  •  Where and what to fill your pantry with
  •  Our Approach to Nutritional Counseling

Longwood Pediatrics is guided by the latest nutrition science and functional medicine principles. Some of the basic advice we share with families includes:

  •  Limiting processed foods and sticking to a whole foods diet
  •  Purchasing organic food whenever possible to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and hormones
  •  Cutting out or minimizing processed sugar and eliminating juice
  •  Reading labels and avoiding purchases of products with ingredients you can’t pronounce

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