Treatments for Children's Allergies

Treatments for Children's Allergies

Does your child have allergies? An allergy involves an overreaction by the immune system, often to harmless substances such as pollen. AllergiesThe more you know about allergies—the causes, symptoms, and treatment options—the more prepared you will be to help your child. Led by Dr. Jag Ambwani, Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, and Dr. Nancy Zuker, Longwood Pediatrics in Longwood, FL and serving the Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Maitland areas, offers a range of treatments for allergies.

1. Allergy Medication: Our Lake Mary FL Pediatrician may recommend medication to treat your child's symptoms. Several types of drugs are used to treat allergies. Allergy medications are available as eyedrops, liquids, pills, inhalers, and nasal sprays. They help ease and treat symptoms like a runny nose and congestion.

2. Allergy Injections: Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, are used to treat allergies. Immunotherapy involves injecting small and increasing amounts of allergens over regular intervals. Allergy shots help your child's body get used to the substance that causes an allergic reaction. They decrease sensitivity to allergens and often lead to lasting relief of allergy symptoms even after treatment is stopped.

3. Oral Immunotherapy: We may recommend oral immunotherapy to prevent allergy symptoms. Oral immunotherapy involves the regular administration of small amounts of an allergen by mouth. Oral immunotherapy gets your child's body used to an allergen so it doesn't cause a reaction. Oral immunotherapy works the same way that allergy injections do, except it doesn't require shots.

4. Nasal Rinses: Nasal rinses clean mucus from the nose and can ease symptoms there. Using a nasal rinse once daily can help clean bacteria from your child's nasal passages, curb postnasal drip, and wash out allergens that have been inhaled. After the patient's symptoms are gone, using a nasal rinse a few times a week should be enough to keep them symptom-free.

5. Emergency epinephrine. Epinephrine injection is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions caused by medicines, food, insect stings or bites, latex, and other causes. Epinephrine works to reverse the life-threatening symptoms. Children with severe allergies may need to carry an emergency epinephrine auto-injector with them at all times. An epinephrine injection will reduce their symptoms until they get emergency medical treatment.

For some children with allergies, life can be difficult. Don't delay- call Longwood Pediatrics at 407-644-9970 to schedule an appointment for your child. We proudly serve the Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Maitland, and Lake Mary, FL areas. Our treatments will help relieve your child's symptoms.

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