When Does My Child Need Urgent Care?

When Does My Child Need Urgent Care?

Not sure whether to take your child to the hospital or urgent care?

When your child is sick, it seems as if the world stops. Whether they just had a bad fall, injury, or sickness, you want to make sure that they are getting the care they need when they need it. This is where our Longwood FL pediatricians Dr. Jag Ambwani, Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, and Dr. Nancy Zuker come in. Longwood Pediatrics helps children get the care and treatment they need right away. They also serve the Lake Mary, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Heathrow, Winter Springs, Casselberry, and Maitland areas.

You can probably skip that hospital visit and head straight to our office for immediate pediatric care if your child is dealing with:


A fever is probably the most confusing symptom to deal with because most parents don’t know just how high fever needs to be to consider a hospital visit versus seeing their pediatrician in Lake Mary FL. When it comes to a fever, the age of your child is a major factor.

  • Children under 2 months old with a fever at or above 100.4 F should go to the ER right away
  • Children over 2 months old with a fever over 103 F may want to see a pediatrician

A fever tells us that your child’s body is trying to fight an infection, so a fever isn’t necessarily bad. So, if your child is acting normally and still eating food and staying hydrated then your doctor may recommend just monitoring the fever; however, if your child is lethargic and isn’t eating or drinking anything then you should bring them in. If your child’s fever is 104 F or higher you also need to bring them in right away.

Stomach Bug

Ugh, your child got the dreaded stomach bug. While this infection can be incredibly unpleasant the good news is that it’s usually nothing to worry about; however, the most common problem associated with having a stomach bug is dehydration. If dehydration gets severe your child may need to get fluids through an IV. Some classic signs of dehydration include:

  • Fatigue
  • Pale, clammy skin
  • Decreased urination
  • Dark circles under the eyes


From diaper rash to poison ivy, there are many reasons why children may develop red, itchy welts on the body. While smaller rashes are a cause for concern, if your child is dealing with a widespread rash that affects the majority of the body then it’s worth seeing a Lake Mary pediatrician. You should also visit a doctor if the rash is getting worse, is painful, or is accompanied by a fever.

These are the top three symptoms that typically have children coming into the office; however, our pediatric urgent care services can also be used to treat:

  • Sports injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Burns and lacerations
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory infections
  • Flu and bronchitis
  • Sinus issues
  • Joint pain
  • Earaches or ear infection
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sore throat
  • Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)

If you are looking for a pediatrician here in Longwood FL that can provide you with routine and preventive care, treatments, and urgent care when health problems arise, then turn to the pediatric team at Longwood Pediatrics. Call Dr. Jag Ambwani, Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, and Dr. Nancy Zuker at (407) 644-9970 to schedule an appointment or to learn more. They also serve the Lake Mary, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Heathrow, Winter Springs, Casselberry, and Maitland areas.

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