• The Importance of Vaccinating Your Child
    Protect your child from dangerous communicable diseases by getting them vaccinated. Your child’s health is the most important thing in this world. It’s important to keep them healthy, happy, and Read more
  • ADHD in Children
    Longwood Pediatrics is here for you and your family. If you are concerned your child may have ADHD, Dr. Jag Ambwani and Dr. Dolly Ubhrani can help diagnose and treat Read more
  • The Importance of Vaccinating Your Child
    Your pediatricians in Longwood, FL, can help keep your child healthy with vaccinations. Vaccinating your child is one of the easiest and most important ways you can safeguard your child’s health. Read more
  • Treating Your Child's Allergies
    Allergies don't have to make your son or daughter miserable. Dr. Jag Ambwani and Dr. Dolly Ubhrani of Longwood Pediatrics, can offer allergy medications and recommend a few changes you can make Read more
  • How to Find the Right Pediatrician for My Child?
    Selecting the perfect pediatrician for your kids is not an easy feat. After all, your pediatrician will be the main person helping you and your kids through nasty illnesses, vaccinations, Read more
  • When Does My Child Need Urgent Care?
    Not sure whether to take your child to the hospital or urgent care? When your child is sick, it seems as if the world stops. Whether they just had a Read more
  • Keeping Your Child Healthy
    While scheduled well-child checkups here at Longwood Pediatrics in Lake Mary, FL, with your pediatricians, Dr. Jag Ambwani and Dr. Dolly Ubhrani, can help ensure and monitor your child’s overall Read more
  • FAQs about Childhood Nutrition
    One of the goals at Longwood Pediatrics is to help our patients thrive and enjoy optimal health. A key component to achieving one's best health is developing healthy eating habits. Read more
  • Why Vaccinations Are Important
    Did you know that among the most effective ways to safeguard your children's health is through recommended vaccinations? Under the expert care of our pediatricians, Dr. Dolly Ubhrani and Dr. Read more
  • Signs That Your Child May Have Asthma
    How your pediatricians can help if your child has asthma. Asthma signs and symptoms can be more dramatic in children because a child’s airways are smaller, so symptoms can be more Read more
  • Treatments for Children's Allergies
    Does your child have allergies? An allergy involves an overreaction by the immune system, often to harmless substances such as pollen. The more you know about allergies—the causes, symptoms, and Read more
  • Does Your Child Have ADHD?
    It’s not always easy to spot whether your child is displaying symptoms of ADHD. While only a qualified pediatrician will be able to diagnose your child with attention deficit hyperactivity Read more
  • Reasons to Seek Pediatric Urgent Care
    It can be stressful if your child is not feeling well; however, even if this is the first time your child has gotten sick it’s important not to panic. After Read more
  • The Importance of Vaccinations
    Childhood vaccinations are one of the most important defenses against a range of illnesses that can put your child's health and wellbeing at risk, from seasonal flu to the measles Read more
  • The Importance of Sports Physicals
    Have you scheduled your child's sports physical yet? An pre-participation physical exam is a must if your son or daughter plans to participate in sports this year. Your Longwood, FL, Read more
  • Managing Your Child’s Allergies
    Here are some helpful tips for treating your child’s allergy symptoms. Childhood allergies, everything from certain foods and insect stings to pollen and pet dander can lead to a variety of Read more

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